Letters Epilogue

I forgot to post this before I went to bed last night. The story of my life. I am unsure I will keep this but here it is, mostly to answer the question – how did Mr. Collins die.

I intend to write another post about my thoughts for the premise for this story, and about the character of Mr. William Collins, Elizabeth’s first husband, which is really the driving force behind everything that happens. He surprised me, to be honest. But that is for another day…


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Last Part of Letters is here!

I just posted the end of Letters. I do have an epilogue written, but I’m not really crazy about it like I once was. I’ll post it but it is debatable if it will stay in the final version. I do have a few loose threads to tie up and they are tied in this version. I will probably post it before I go to bet tomorrow night.

Until then, enjoy Mr. and Mrs. Darcy!

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Letters 36

I decided not to make you wait very long for the next section. I think this may be the longest chunk I’ve posted. That alone should make you happy.

I’d love to hear your impressions once you’ve read it. If you haven’t commented before I’ll need to approve it before you can see it online, but the notifications seem to be working again so I should get to it pretty quickly.


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More of Letters – Part 34 is posted

My son starts his second band camp at Arizona State tomorrow. This is their 100th anniversary of the marching band so it should be an interesting season. To kick things off, how about a new section of Letters? Yes, I think that will work.

Our couple is in the middle of almost 2 months without seeing each other. Will Elizabeth be able to hold out with her vow of widowhood much longer? We are getting close to the answer!

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Letters Part 32

I decided I shouldn’t wait too long to add the next section. This contains some to the earliest sections that I wrote for this story. Originally it was most of chapter 2 – but then I decided I needed to go in a different direction in the unfolding of the story but I saved the text as both my backstory and for possible use later. When it was time for Elizabeth to give her history with Collins, it was already written. I just had to edit it to make it fit the moment.

I think this will help answer a lot of your questions on why Elizabeth has been so opposed to remarriage.

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