NMT The Book

It is with mixed emotions that I announce that I have self-published No More Tears. Originally I considered doing this just for my own use, but I had so many people ask me to publish that I decided to go ahead and make my story available to the public for purchase.

I do not feel comfortable reaping material gain from a story where so many people have pitched in and helped me in the writing process. As a result, I have made a few unorthodox decisions. I’ve priced the book below most self-published JAFF books. I had meant to sell it at cost, but then with the economy taking a turn for the worse, my ability to fund the project has diminished and I knew I needed to price it above the break even mark. Once the start-up costs have been met, and this will not take that many books sold, I will donate any additional royalties to charity. After consulting my editor-in-chief, I have chosen Feeding America, an organization dedicated to alleviating hunger in the USA, as the charity of choice. You may be more familiar with their previous name – America’s Second Harvest. I believe that meeting the immediate felt needs of people is an important calling and I am thrilled that the fruit of my, and my team’s, labors will help feed something else than the hunger for a story to read. However, whether or not I meet my start up costs I will make a donation to Feeding America so that a portion of the proceeds from every book I sell will be donated one way or another.

With all of that said, you can find No More Tears only at the NMT CreateSpace Bookstore. NMT will not be available for purchase on websites such as Amazon.

If you feel inclined to share with others that No More Tears is available for purchase, please send them to this page and not a direct link the CreateSpace website. I would like everyone who buys a copy to read this announcement first.

Thank you.

~Linnea Eileen~

* As of February 1, 2011, No More Tears will be sold at “cost”. Instead of paying $11.95, you will pay $6.62 and I will no longer receive any royalty money from the sale of the book. (Three years of 1099’s on my income tax statements is quite enough for my husband and me.) However, I would STRONGLY urge you to send a $5.00 donation to Feeding America or, if you do not wish to get on another mailing list, a charity you already support.

Thanks – L