Hello… is anybody there?

Okay, I’m a long time overdue posting anything new. I started a 30 hour a week job at the beginning of September and kept my very part time job at the same time. It’s helping us pay the bills and start to pay down some debt – which turned out to be not one but two car loans.

Anyway, I’ve been working away, albeit slowly, on a new (to you folks) story and still (slowly) editing letters for publication some day. As an incentive to try and get writing more frequently, I’ve decided to start posting the (very) rough draft of Patience is a Virtue. This story has surprised me in how complex it has become. I’m not sure I got my back story the way I want it, but it can be tweaked later if need be.

So to set the stage, Lady Catherine is desperate for Anne to wed Darcy, and for good reason. Enter Elizabeth Bennet, who unwittingly becomes a part of a very different sort of love triangle. Yeah, I’m writing a love triangle. Trust me, I was shocked when I realized what I had done. Don’t worry, you know me, our favorite couple will not do anything immoral. There will be HEA for them. And we’ll have to wait and see how many characters I end up killing off. As of other traditional pairings… meh. I’m still not sure who will end up with whom other than Darcy wins Elizabeth before its all said and done.

Part 1 of Patience is a Virtue


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  1. Of course we are here, I love your stories and am very happy to have you writing a new story, a love triangle? sounds interesting. I wondered where you were and if you were ok. thanks for the update.

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