Last Part of Letters is here!

I just posted the end of Letters. I do have an epilogue written, but I’m not really crazy about it like I once was. I’ll post it but it is debatable if it will stay in the final version. I do have a few loose threads to tie up and they are tied in this version. I will probably post it before I go to bet tomorrow night.

Until then, enjoy Mr. and Mrs. Darcy!

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5 thoughts on “Last Part of Letters is here!

  1. I’m so excited that they are finally married! And one year later, they have a son! Pemberley now has its heir.

    I do hope they will have more than one child of their own.

  2. Wonderful ending. I really liked Lizzy’s ‘voice’ throughout this story–very distinctive.

    Nice ending with the allusion to WC’s letter.

    Looking forward to the epilogue!

    Thanks for posting this. (will you be publishing eventually???)

    • Thanks. I think this will end up being published, but not before a lot of editing happens.

  3. Lovely story. Glad you included Collin’s letter since it was the impetus that brought ODC together. Off to read the epilogue.

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