3 thoughts on “Letters 38

  1. Ah, Steamroller!Darcy always gets what he wants. lol Will Lizzy ever win any dispute?
    Looks as though Lizzy has completely thrown off any doubts she had about re-marrying. She’s more ready that she thought.
    Good to see that there’s no trouble with Anne and that Lady Cat is resigned–she had to have noticed Lizzy’s worth (despite money/status deficiencies).

    Looking forward to the next post.

    • He’s used to getting his way, but he knows that she’ll like what he’s doing with Longbourn and giving her a way to let her accept his help without damaging her pride.

  2. The meeting with Lady C went as well as it could be expected. I’m glad that Anne has no problems with Darcy’s engagement to Elizabeth.

    Darcy did show some logic in his justification for more improvements to Longbourn. They are going to spend quite a bit of time there in the future and it would not do to have the children observe and comment on a huge difference between Pemberley and Longbourn.

    I’m looking forward to your next post!

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