Letters 39

This is the penultimate post before the end and the Epilogue. We’ll take it right up until the wedding day in this one. I did say they would marry quickly.

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2 thoughts on “Letters 39

  1. I can’t believe we are so close to the end! I will really miss this story!

    Georgie’s surprise of all of the changes in the nursery was a delight. Elizabeth’s children already love their new “Papa” and they will be happy living part of the year in this room.

    I’m glad that Elizabeth’s fears about being mistress of the London Darcy house are now gone.

  2. All caught up again. The meeting with Lady Catherine went better than expected. Interesting comment about Darcy having that same look as his mother when her mind was made up. Lady C’s recognization of this probably saved them all from a long tirade.
    Now the wedding is close. Darcy has managed to get his way on most if not all matters. However, Elizabeth recognizes the benefit of giving in. Love her constant reflections about her “wanton” thoughts.

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