Letters Epilogue

I forgot to post this before I went to bed last night. The story of my life. I am unsure I will keep this but here it is, mostly to answer the question – how did Mr. Collins die.

I intend to write another post about my thoughts for the premise for this story, and about the character of Mr. William Collins, Elizabeth’s first husband, which is really the driving force behind everything that happens. He surprised me, to be honest. But that is for another day…


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7 thoughts on “Letters Epilogue

  1. Do keep this Epilogue! This is a creative way of letting us have a glimpse into the future. I’m also glad that Collins’ death was really accidental in nature.

  2. Just so lovely, L.E. I like the epilogue very much. I know it took awhile to finish this story, but I think the wait was well rewarded. Now to find some time to read once again from the beginning. Well done, DA!

  3. It’s a bit sad for William to come to the realization that Lizzy didn’t love him as he did her. No blissful ignorance for him. lol Although if he had to learn, this was the optimal time (for everyone else).

    Interesting epilogue*, Linnea. I look forward to reading your thoughts on the development of this story.

    *continuing your tradition of writing stories that are not like anyone else’s.

    • Oh, you know I could never write the same old, same old. I like to let my imagination take stories into new places. And because you mentioned how I like to go my own way, I’m going to give everyone a little peek into what is coming next. Stay tuned.

  4. Congratulations on finishing this beautiful love story! I have enjoyed it so much and will be reading it again. The epilogue was poignant. Knowing there were plenty of Darcy children was especially nice.

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