Yes, I know, I sucketh much

I had no idea I would be nearly 7 months between posts. What can I say but this story title should not apply to waiting for posts…

Life has been busy. This was my son’s last season to march drum corps and I had no clue how much his life would take over mine. I found myself following his adventure on his Instagram page and waiting daily for texts from him. I even got a couple of surprise phone calls. They were good phone calls with great news. He ended up winning his part of solo and ensemble competition on the trumpet and his corps, the Concord Blue Devils won their 18th world championship 3 days later. What a way to go out. We took our vacation to watch him perform that last week and I sobbed when their final show was over. My dear husband just held me and let me get it all out. I was fine afterwards and just so proud of my son when the scores were finally announced. Such joy on his face and in my heart.

All that to say here is the next 8 pages of my story. It’s completely unedited by anyone other than me, so expect a few typos!

patience is a virtue part 3


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