A Little Something Extra…

Besides fanfiction, I also dabble in original composition. This includes what you might categorize as “inspirational”. I recently wrote this meditation. If you are not one who wishes to read something that deals with spiritual issues, you might want to take a pass on this piece. Who knows, someday this might make its way into a devotional that I am being encouraged to write. We’ll see if I ever complete the project.

God’s Fingerprints

My family is addicted to those crime drama TV shows. You know the kind – the police chase after bad guys and use science and good old-fashioned police work to solve the mystery and put the criminals behind bars. It makes for interesting viewing, but it’s nothing more than a way to be entertained for an hour minus the commercial. But tonight the forensics got me thinking.

Several years ago we had some good friends go through cancer. It was a very dark time for them, as you can imagine. Out of their searching for God’s presence, they gave me a phrase, “In HIS Grip!”

I really like those three words. They say so much and evoke one of God’s greatest promises; nothing can take His children out of His hands.

Some days, that brings more comfort than others. There are those times when life’s troubles seem to squeeze us so hard. But when they squeeze us, they are really squeezing God’s hand that holds us protectively. His grip is sure, and it comes between His children and everything this world can throw in our way.

And yet, until tonight, I never stopped to think about feeling His fingers pressed against me. I thought of those silly dramas and then it hit me. God’s fingers hold us, yes, but they also leave HIS mark on our lives. Stop and think about that for a moment.

If some cosmic policeman were to dust my soul, he would find God’s fingerprints all over it! It’s the same for all His children. He marks us, even in his most tender and caring moments, as His own. Sometimes we sneeze when the powder is applied to make those marks become visible. I guess we could call those times the trials that reveal how great is our God.

Now please pass me a tissue.


4 thoughts on “A Little Something Extra…

  1. Barbara, I hope that it brings him some little measure comfort and assurance. I lost my mother to brain cancer 23 years ago this past July 11th. Needless to say, apart of that experience went into this devotional.

    ~Linnea Eileen

  2. That was absolutely beautiful, LE! It is amazing how much we can see God throughout our lives if we merely take the time to stop and look. If you ever publish a book of devo’s, let me know. 😀

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