I found this today

I wrote this little bit 5 years ago and just recently found it on an old flash drive.

Mother’s Day Passed

For all of you who are missing someone today…

It had been twenty years since the last time she had spent Mother’s Day with her mother. On that Sunday they had less than 8 weeks left together. Time was finally running out. Both knew this and if they hadn’t already made their peace with each other, surely today would have been that day.

Instead of frank discussions, tears, and brutal honesty they celebrated the day with a kiss on the cheek and holding hands.

Ann couldn’t move her hands; it was left to her daughter, her youngest child to lace their fingers together.

Ann couldn’t talk; the words she said were spoken through her eyes – and her smile.

And so in silence they sat, the television playing in the background. The Cubs were losing, again. Just another Sunday. Their last Mother’s Day together.

Today Ann’s daughter looked at her son. He was so proud to show her the cards he had made at school. She awoke to the opening of the door and the smiles to the two most important men in her life. Life was good. She has everything she could desire. Everything but one.

Today, on Mother’s Day nearly twenty-one years later she wished she could say, one more time, “Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. I’m so glad you’re still here with us.”

Yes, this is about me. And yes, my Mom’s name really was Ann. – LE

It’s been nearly 26 years since my mother died. Some days I miss her more than others, but I will always remember her zest for living.


In the Hall of the Elders

Yay! Done! New story! First of all, the story is password protected. Just use the first three words of the title, case sensitive.

Second, let me explain about the story. I’ll copy the gist of what I will post at the other sites where this will go.

Last year while Linda Wells, a.k.a. booknut was posting Memory, I started to tease her about the length of the story and her lack of short stories. Seeing as how her ‘novel in three parts” became a more like “three novel in an epic story”, (Tolkein would be proud!) I was able to goad our dear authoress into a writing challenge. The goal? Write a short story that is complete in under 30,000 words. I knew from previous personal experience that it is harder than it sounds. We both had idea for stories at the time we decided to do it. All that we were waiting for was for Linda to finish Memory, which she did in June.

I started to work on my project much earlier than Linda, since she was working on formatting the beast into book formats. I also set a goal for myself of trying to accomplish the task in 10,000 words. I didn’t quite make it but I wasn’t too far off. Linda just now is sitting down to work on her idea. She’ll post as soon as it is done. It will take a while because as all parents who write know, summer is not the time to be diving into a new project. The kids are home!

In the Hall of the Elders is an original fantasy idea that was first suggested to me by my son in 2005. I loved his vision and I wrote a quick opener to remind me of the basics of the plot. This version of his idea is the stripped down model. My son had a host of characters and a bunch of interweaving plots. I could easily make a very long novel from that first incarnation. In this version, I have restricted myself to a handful of characters as well as some other significant changes with which I shall not bore you. Suffice it to say that it became a lean plot that moves along to a quick conclusion.

This is my first attempt at fantasy, but I hope it is not my last. Fantasy has its own challenges as the writer must reveal enough of an alternate world in a way that is interesting and not overwhelming in detail. In my story, elements of the supernatural and a Supreme Being are integral to the plot, but I’ve striven to express these in the terms of an alternate world. If you have read the work of Ted Dekkar and his Circle Trilogy or Stephen’s Lawhead’s Dream Thief or the Song of Albion Trilogy, you will have an idea of what I’m trying to do.

And one final warning; this is not my usual style. I’ve never written anything so dark, or so light for that matter. Janet R called it allegorical and I would have to say she is spot on. This is a story with a point, and like many lessons we learn in life, there is pain associated with such hard-won knowledge. Simply put, this is a story of good versus evil and the price that good must often pay to keep evil at bay.

Thanks go out to DebbieS, Elsa Amy HI, JanetR, Laura, Grace and a few members of my book club for their assistance. Any remaining errors are mine since they had a LOT of typos to search and destroy. A few stragglers are almost a certainty. As always, you can leave any comments on a story post here.

I hope you enjoy In the Hall of the Elders for all that it is meant to be. (Prepositions be damned!)

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You can delay your nagging for now

Alrighty peeps! I’m ready to unleash my latest writing venture. The story is called “Once…” and it is a fairy tale. You will have to enter a password and the password is the story title (don’t forget the ellipsis!) This is a different password than for my JAFF. Debbie S has done the initial edit and I’ve fiddled around with it since she saw it. I need to warn you that this is not the final version of chapter 1. It needs more work but I wanted to get something on my site for all the patient readers out there. (I may combine chapters 1 and 2.) After chapter 1, it is my intent to have more polished versions out on the first try.

I hope you enjoy something very different from me.

~Linnea Eileen~

To “Once…”

P.S. You can leave any comments here.


We have a title!

I’ve decided on a title for the new story I was supposed to post starting today. Its called “Once…” and I’ve created a new story page. You’ll see that I am password protecting the chapters, but that I’ve told you what that password is (indirectly) and that it is different for this story than for the rest of my JAFF writing. Yes, I really do have my reasons for the password protect, but it’s not for content rating. Straight PG stuff.

I hope to post in a few days the announcement of chapter 1 being available. It likely will not be in it’s final form, but I will tell you when it is if you want to wait. The rest of the chapters will be a lot more polished than the first try at Chapter 1.

Hope you had a lovely Memorial Day in the US. I can’t believe it is already June!



I started writing yesterday. By the time I finished chapter 1, I had 2200 words. Hey, its a start. I’m working on an original short (I hope!) story. It begins…

“Once upon a time there lived a young princess. Her name was Grace and she was as fair of face as she was of character. In her lay the hopes of her people. One day she would succeed her mother, Queen Charity, as ruler of Cleymont.”

At least, that’s how it begins right now. It is the story of three people: a princess, her brother, and her companion and how their love for each other brings them through great danger to live the happily ever after.


Moved (if only by an inch) by my Muse.

Howdy folks! It’s been nearly 6 months since I’ve done much writing. Life has had other plans for me, but I’ve had a little inspiration and thought I would share it with those few faithful folks who check in here now and then to see if I’ve finally started posting a new story.

A few words of caution before I reveal all… this is only a beginning. And it’s NOT JAFF. I’ve been wanting to work on original stuff and I have a few things running in the background of my mind. Because I am working on original stuff, if and when I post, I will do so with a password protected page. That password will be different than the one I use now. I may even put things in a different part of this website than the WordPress blog. Like many would-be writers, I have dreams of someday being paid for my work. While I have no plans to ever sell any of my JAFF for personal profit, I do have a desire to do so for an original novel or three.

The following is the opening of a story that has a small basis in my personal life, if only for the inspiration for the lead characters. My “best” friend as a teen was the guy across the street. He stood at my side through some very difficult times and he was one of the few constants in my life. He will always have a special place in my memory. Our friendship got me to thinking about an idea of a boy and a girl who where best friends into their adulthood and the things they might to to help each other. Crazy things. This story has no working title. I’ll know it when it comes to me. For now, I’ll call it Original Novel Idea 3.0. Here it is, totally unedited by anyone other than me. You should be able to tell that right away. lol


Chapter 1…

I still remember the very first time I saw Darren Carter. He was wearing jeans and a green and gold long sleeved Green Bay Packers t-shirt. Why would I remember something so specific when I was only eight years old? Very simple; it was the middle of August in Phoenix and no one in their right mind would wear something that heavy. Did I mention that it was over 100 degrees outside? We are talking Phoenix in the summer.

I decided then and there that this intruder was insane. Plus, he was sleeping in my best buddy Ben’s old bedroom. I mean, if that wasn’t reason enough to distrust him, then I didn’t know anything.

Looking back on it, I was never so wrong about anyone in my life.

I suppose had better explain.

Two months prior to that fateful day, my mom had come into my room. When she shut the door and looked at me, I wondered who had died. She sat me down on my bed and told me that she had just come back from visiting Ben’s mom, Mrs. Robinski. For my entire life, the Robinski’s had lived two doors down across the street from us. Our families knew each other well. Mom explained that for the past year Mr. Robinski had been driving across town to his new job and he had grown tired of the long commute. They had decided it was time to move closer to his work. Mrs. Robinski told mom that they were close to finalizing the purchase of their new home and that in the next few days the “for sale” sign would go up in front of their house. I was devastated.

Ben Robinski and I had grown up together. In one of my photo albums there is a picture of us as toddlers playing together in one of those small plastic pools that most families buy when they don’t have a real swimming pool. The ones with the bright colored fish on the sides from Finding Nemo. The giant wanna-be aquariums also make great water dishes if you have a really big dog and tend to be forgetful about the water thing. When were in first grade, when Emily Parkinson teased Ben about his last name, I found her during recess and pulled on her pigtail until she promised not to do it again. Ben returned the favor in second grade; he heard Tyler Shirley call me a stupid girl and made Tyler take it back. Only Ben was allowed to call me names. We were pretty tight that way. We might have bickered between us, but no one was allowed to mess with our best friend. We even spit-shook on a pact to be best friends forever. You don’t go back on a spit shake. Every kid knows that, hygiene issues aside.

That’s why it hurt so much when he his family locked up their house one last time and then waived goodbye to the neighborhood two weeks after our third grade school year ended.

A month later, after the carpet layers and the painters had done their thing, a new family moved in to Ben’s old house. And so I got my first glimpse of the boy who was destined to become my new best friend.

He looked like a total dork.


A Little Something Extra…

Besides fanfiction, I also dabble in original composition. This includes what you might categorize as “inspirational”. I recently wrote this meditation. If you are not one who wishes to read something that deals with spiritual issues, you might want to take a pass on this piece. Who knows, someday this might make its way into a devotional that I am being encouraged to write. We’ll see if I ever complete the project.

God’s Fingerprints

My family is addicted to those crime drama TV shows. You know the kind – the police chase after bad guys and use science and good old-fashioned police work to solve the mystery and put the criminals behind bars. It makes for interesting viewing, but it’s nothing more than a way to be entertained for an hour minus the commercial. But tonight the forensics got me thinking.

Several years ago we had some good friends go through cancer. It was a very dark time for them, as you can imagine. Out of their searching for God’s presence, they gave me a phrase, “In HIS Grip!”

I really like those three words. They say so much and evoke one of God’s greatest promises; nothing can take His children out of His hands.

Some days, that brings more comfort than others. There are those times when life’s troubles seem to squeeze us so hard. But when they squeeze us, they are really squeezing God’s hand that holds us protectively. His grip is sure, and it comes between His children and everything this world can throw in our way.

And yet, until tonight, I never stopped to think about feeling His fingers pressed against me. I thought of those silly dramas and then it hit me. God’s fingers hold us, yes, but they also leave HIS mark on our lives. Stop and think about that for a moment.

If some cosmic policeman were to dust my soul, he would find God’s fingerprints all over it! It’s the same for all His children. He marks us, even in his most tender and caring moments, as His own. Sometimes we sneeze when the powder is applied to make those marks become visible. I guess we could call those times the trials that reveal how great is our God.

Now please pass me a tissue.