It’s already April?

Oh my, the first 3 months of 2012 are gone! I’m still trying to figure out where they went.

I’m alive, as you can see. Life has been full.

The Progeny has won a spot with The Cavaliers to march this summer in Drum Corp International. That was a huge surprise to us as we thought he would need one more year with The Academy before he was ready musically to make a top-three corp. Obviously, we couldn’t be more proud of him. Needless to say, it has been an emotionally draining time.

I’m also coaching track and field right now. This year they are even paying me for it!

All this to explain why absolutely no writing has occurred since I last posted an installment of Letters. I’ve been reading in my spare time to help me through the stress and as a way to get some studying in. I do learn a lot by reading and feeling what works and what does not. And yes, I would rather be writing!


5 thoughts on “It’s already April?

  1. Glad to hear from you, Linnea. Sounds like things are busy in your household. Congratulations to your son for his achievement (and to you for getting paid for your coaching!)


  2. Yea!!! you”re still alive!!! and you are missed!!!!I’m happy for your boy, what an achievement and getting paid to do track and field well it just gets better and better!!! just asking what are your favorites in track and field?, my sister was a long distance runner and did relay. well we’ll be here when you do get back to writing just don’t take too long OK??

  3. I coach the throws – shot put and discus. I’ve been a paid coach before, but the last two years I have volunteered. I’m about due for a state champion again and I have a very good shot this year and next. Time will tell.

  4. You have been missed!

    Congratulations to your son on his achievement!

    I remember well how busy this time of year can be. I do look forward to reading more of your work when you have time!

  5. The Cavaliers!!! That’s awesome. I have always loved watching the field show competitions they perform. Many congratulations. You must be so proud. And a second woo hoo for the paying coaching gig. It sounds like life is gonna be busy though. Well, we will always be here waiting. Good luck to you and happy summer!

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