5 thoughts on “Letters 33

  1. That was some kiss! Allowing Elizabeth to leave must have been one of the most difficult things that Darcy has ever done.

    Hopefully absence will make Elizabeth’s heart grow fonder for Darcy.

  2. Strategic Darcy! He’s made himself even more unforgettable. And wakened Lizzy’s passion.
    Overall, I think you handled the Pemberley section very well–the progress and ‘bumps’ very realistic.

    Will the next section be their lives apart?

    Thanks for posting.

  3. Yes, the next section will be their lives apart, but I skip ahead pretty quickly. I’m not one to write filler for filler’s sake.

  4. Darcy employed excellent strategies with Elizabeth throughout her visit to Pemberley, she got a very real glimpse into what life as his wife would be like. I love Jane exerting her “authority” over Elizabeth. Obviously Elizabeth knows the mechanics behind the marriage bed, but not the passion which is what she and Darcy share. Looking forward to your next posting!

  5. Love’s first kiss! Darcy has certainly given Elizabeth much to think about.

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