Letters 36

I decided not to make you wait very long for the next section. I think this may be the longest chunk I’ve posted. That alone should make you happy.

I’d love to hear your impressions once you’ve read it. If you haven’t commented before I’ll need to approve it before you can see it online, but the notifications seem to be working again so I should get to it pretty quickly.


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7 thoughts on “Letters 36

  1. Hooray! She finally said yes!

    Darcy was smart to involve the Bingleys in coming up with a solution to Elizabeth’s two concerns. Jane was a perfect emissary for Darcy!

  2. There are still a lot of details to settle before they can wed, but it won’t take them long. They will wed pretty quickly as there is no real reason to delay a wedding.

  3. This was wonderful! I wonder whether Lizzy would have acquiesced sooner if Darcy had been more explicit about his feelings.

    I also wonder what ideas Darcy may have had about living arrangements. It seems that a resolution would have been impossible without the Bingleys’ considerable contribution.

    Thanks for posting.

  4. Yes! Indeed the most perfect word. Loved how it was Jane who came up with the solution, and that Elizabeth was finally ready to hear those very important words. *swoon*

  5. Hi Linnea,
    I started reading Letters when you first started posting it, then you had the hiatus & I’ve only recently managed to catch up with all the lovely chapters. Fab story, have really enjoyed it.
    Will be sorry when it ends. Thanks for sharing.
    Just for your info… not sure if anyone else noticed. Chapter 36 is titled as 35?

    • Thanks Jane. I fixed the number to 36.

      I’m actually not calling them chapters because the chapter breaks in the story once it is edited will not be where the part breaks are in this unedited version.

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