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The final 4 days of voting in are upon us. The Academy is holding onto a position in the top 5 and this weekend are trying to make a huge push to get the message out and the votes in. I’m got two more incentives to get you to vote, or get your friends and family involved.

First, I’ve posted another 5 pages worth of “Letters”. You still have to scroll down to Part 6 because I am still lazy.

Second, I’ve decided, with a great amount of personal angst, to offer to make No More Tears available on Kindle. Not sure how pricing works, or of I can offer discounts, but we will cross that bridge if we come to it. If you all can muster up 100 votes, I’ll do it. that may seem a lot, but it is really just 1-2 more from each of you and we are there. And to make things really exciting, for each subsequent 100 votes I’ll make Kindle versions of other of my stories. You have no idea how big an offer this is from me.

If you are unsure whether or not you have actually votes, on the Chase Community Giving App, select the Leaderboard pull down menu and select My Votes. You can see who you have voted for there. And please, as always, I encourage you take a few minutes more and see if there is a non-profit that you would also like to support. You have a total of 10 votes you can use. Chase is giving away $3 million after all.




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  1. this story is so good, Darcy is good and hooked by Mrs Collins just doesn’t know it yet!! I expect it will be quite a challange as she is both lower class and a widow with 3 children!!! I will call all of my kids and have them vote I’ll let you know when and if they do!!! good luck and thanks for this lovely new story!!!!

  2. Darcy has his work cut out for him once he decides he wants the lovely Widow Collins. Let me know. Voting closes early Tuesday Morning.

  3. OOOOO… I love it when I whisper an idea in your ear and you decide to humor me!! I just KNOW that we can come up with a few more people to click! I told my hubby to do it tonight…..just for good measure! I am ALL for Kindle!! 😀


  4. Yes, Barb, it was the idea you planted! You only have two more days to get votes to vote. And The Academy really, really needs every vote it can get.

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