More of Letters – Part 34 is posted

My son starts his second band camp at Arizona State tomorrow. This is their 100th anniversary of the marching band so it should be an interesting season. To kick things off, how about a new section of Letters? Yes, I think that will work.

Our couple is in the middle of almost 2 months without seeing each other. Will Elizabeth be able to hold out with her vow of widowhood much longer? We are getting close to the answer!

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3 thoughts on “More of Letters – Part 34 is posted

  1. It’s nice that Longbourn is looking so nice with the painting and redecorating that was done while they were away. I hope that doesn’t make it more difficult for Elizabeth to accept Darcy and move to Pemberley for at least part of the year.

    I’m glad that Elizabeth is missing Darcy!

  2. Even if she still plans to never marry she admitted to herself and Darcy that she misses him.
    The restoration of Longbourn has brought her comfort and has opened her to a new philosophy (Darcy’s) about estate management.
    Enjoyed both letters.

  3. Now that her estate is renewed (lovely image of that, btw), perhaps Lizzy might consider renewing her life.

    Once her younger sisters finish their redecorating project, she’ll have more time to miss a certain gentleman. Looking forward to seeing how that develops!

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