One last plea – and a new posting in Letters

I’ll post another bit of letters in the morning after I have a good night’s rest to edit it. Before then, I would like to ask you to do one last thing. There have been some issues with people’s votes getting registered if they were using Google Chrome. And Academy has also seen people who have “liked” Academy, but not actually voted. So if you would take just 30 seconds more and follow this link to The Academy’s Chase Community Giving page. If you voted, you should see in green letting “Thanks for your vote” and a green checkmark in a green box next tot he total number of votes. If you do not see that, and instead see a green box that says Vote, you haven’t voted or your vote did not register.

Finally, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, if you haven’t voted, do so. If you have, and you have someone else in your household who has a Facebook account, have them vote. This is a really big deal to The Academy and it will set them on a solid financial footing for the next 6-10 years! The food truck desperately needs renovation. And you get a double bang for your buck because this truck is “on call” for use by the American Red Cross, Arizona chapter, for disaster relief duty should it be needed in The Academy’s off season. So far it hasn’t been called to that duty, but it could be at any time.

And if you wish, you can unlike Chase Community Giving. Just wait until after the contest is over.