Letters 29

Argh, I should have post a few days ago. My husband is out of town, we’ve been having auto issues and my son had his 20th birthday. Anyway, here is the next section. I’ve indirectly answered a long standing question in this section of the story.

Happy reading!

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Letters Part 28

I think we are all about ready for some progress on Elizabeth’s part. She’s had to deal with a lot of loss in the past year and when you couple it with a pregnancy, well, its not been easy. There’s also all of the emotional baggage from her marriage to Collins, which in its own way, was a trial as well. That will not come out for a long while yet, though. And no, he did not abuse her or her children in any way. He was just not the right man for Elizabeth’s happiness.

Anyway, on to the next section!

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Letters Part 27

Sorry to be so long between posts. I’ve been working on my next story while my editor is working on Letters and to be honest, I completely forgot to post the next section. My bad. It is time for the rest of the house party to arrive. Not a lot of action, but then Darcy has realized that slow and steady wins the race.

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It’s only taken 4 years…

I just finished the initial draft of Letters. Here, let me get you a chair before you fall to the floor. Yes, I said I finished the initial draft of Letters!

Now I need to put my head down, start editing again and work on updating my timeline. I hope to post a new section for my birthday next week and get the rest of the rough draft up here by the end of the summer. And by the end of the summer I mean when school starts back up here in the AZ. Real summer isn’t over until October in these parts. I don’t want to be that long in posting.

This will be the first work I planned on publishing while writing. I just lost one of my part time jobs and so I need to replace the income. The final draft of this story will be different from the rough draft, and not just in typos. We’ll see what my editors will demand of me. They always push me to make my stories better.

On to the editing!


Wow, now that’s a new look!

Nearly six years ago I launched this website. Can you believe its been SIX YEARS!!! So much has happened and a lot of water has flown under the proverbial bridge. It was definitely time to update the look.

I’d like to give a (virtual) standing ovation to Stephanie Hamm who answered my plea for some help. She had to go into the cpanel of the host website and do some manual changes to the code so I could update the WordPress program to 2014 standards. Did I mentions it’s been SIX YEARS? Afterward, she helped me pick a new theme and customize it to what you see now, adding things to make the site easier to use. YAY!

Special thanks are due to my friend, Karen Martin, for the fabulous photos you see in the header and background. Karen is a retired (beloved) elementary school music teacher who took up photography as a hobby and now has her own fledgling business. She never knew retirement was so much work! I have to tell you, living in Arizona gives you some outstanding opportunities for some pretty amazing images. Check out her website here!

I’m so excited to see the new look. It just whispers ‘desert musings’ to my soul. Take some time to look around, familiarize yourself with the new formatting, see the new ways you can follow me including my new Facebook page, and then pick a story and have some quality time with one of my old ‘friends’.




And … we’re back!

I didn’t realize the website was down for a couple of days. To make a short story shorter, I changed a password and WordPress didn’t like it. Anyway, I am looking for some help to get the coding updated and after that’s done I’ll probably change the look of things.

And yes, I am working on Letters! I’m nearly done with it to a point where I can do a basic edit and start posting away. Thanks for your patience. It’s taken a long time for me to write this story. Too long.